Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bling Bling Bling with Ron Ben-Israel

My class with the fabulously talented Ron Ben-Israel has now come and gone - but WOW what a class! I haven't even made it home yet but I'm dying to blog about my amazing time in class & in Savannah!
I was fortunate enough to have flown in a day early so that I could visit Savannah - wow so beautiful! What a city! I had a wonderful day with friends taking in the sites, enjoying great food & conversation - such a fabulous day! After our day, we quickly changed and went off to enjoy and AMAZING dinner at Sapphire Grill - I had the chef's tasting menu and it was divine! As an added bonus we were all treated to a private Opera performance by the talented Kate Essenberg! WOW
The following morning - EARLY I might add, we were off to start our 3 day class with Ron. In keeping with Southern hospitality, Minette and the staff at Custom Cakes greeted students with coffee, tea, pastries and bagels - mmmm just what I needed after a couple of Mojitos the night prior! I then took my seat ready to learn all I could about BLING, design & silicone mould making!

This was my second class with Ron and I hope not my last - he is an amazing instructor and so incredibly talented - and funny too!!! I also had the pleasure of seeing some old friends and meeting new ones - so much talent in one room - it was amazing to see all the cakes come to life on the last day!

Here are some pictures of the class - I cannot wait to get back home and put my new skills to work! Thank you Ron for sharing your talent with us, Minette for hosting such a fabulous class & the staff at Custom Cakes for the wonderful lunches & help! Looking forward to the next class!

Here is Ron demonstrating how to pour the liquid silicone. This is my final cake design. I created the silicone moulds for the square jewels from some buttons I found while shopping in a vintage store in Savannah. A close up of my "bling" poppies
Not only can Kate sing like an angel - she can click a mean shutter too! Group photo courtesy of Kate Essenberg.


Sarea in bucate said...

lucky you:))) i wish you good luck and fabulous cakes in future!i hope some day to be able to do cakes like you do:)

Terry Coniglio said...

So cool that you got to take a class with him! Your cake looked beautiful too :)

Brandy L said...

Wow! That is amazing and i am so jealous you got to be in a class taught by such a genius cake artist! I can't wait to see some of the future cakes w/ the new skills.