Monday, November 12, 2012

Dog Days of Summer with Debbie Goard

Also in August we hosted another new face & amazing talent - Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes.  Debbie is known around the globe for her amazing cake sculpting and especially for her faux food & animal cakes.  She has a love for dogs, especially Chihuahuas - so it was only fitting that she come and teach us just that!  I was especially excited about this class for 2 reasons: 1) because Debbie is a dear friend of mine and 2) because I was going to embrace the student role and take the class!

Working with fresh cake & buttercream, students were guided through the process of creating a to scale dog, sculpting the head, carving the cake, structure & airbrushing.  So much information was given and the results were fabulous! If you were unable to join us, be sure to check out Debbie's new book - Twisted Cakes! And you too can take home a part of the class, get Debbie's custom "Skully" stencil HERE!

Here are some highlights from our class

 A detailed handout complete with templates was given to each student

 Class all ready to go - small class numbers allow for better learning & one on one time with the instructor

 This little guy flew from Oakland to Toronto in Debbie's carry on - yes TSA had questions! LOL!

Students ready to learn

 The master at work

Proportion is key - keep your head ready for reference when carving

 I'm all carved and ready for fondant!

 Fabulous work everyone!

 Thank you my dear friend - love my pooch!

Debbie's amazing creation!  And that's not all - she designed that skull stencil as well - available HERE

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