Sunday, November 2, 2008

1st Knight Birthday

What kind of cake would be suitable for the bravest of little boys? Why a castle of course - complete with a knight in shining armour and a chocolate dragon!

The knight was made from polymer clay in order to be kept as a memento, the rest of the castle is entirely edible, including the chocolate dragon with gelatin wings.

Here is what the client had to say:

Hi Lisa, Thanks for personally delivering Nathan's birthday cake. It was a
huge hit for young and old a-like. They loved it, especially my little ones. My
husband, Ken wants to hang onto these memories....he's gone as far as preserving
the chocolate dragon, (thank G*d you made the knight out of clay) and plans to
put it into a shadow box. Nathan will always be able to look back at this
special keepsake. Thanks for making his first birthday so memorable. Karen

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