Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

Today is my husband Scott's of course I need to make him a cake!

Instead of some ho hum cake that will be "fine" for a family dinner....I had to do something FUN!
The minute he left the shop yesterday - I got to work on his SURPRISE!

He's a big fan of Warner Bros, and so I thought this would be my challenge - how to turn some frozen chocolate cake tops, some frozen chocolate ganache and some time into a masterpiece!!!

The internal structure is the Cake Bones System by Cake Study - we got this fabulous set in Bronwens' class hosted here this past August! I converted it a bit and got to work on Taz!

His legs and arms are A LOT of modeling chocolate, the body is all cake, covered in chocolate fondant and lots and lots of love!

Now off to show my hubby his present!

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Trez said...

awesome!! can you give me a recipe for modeling chocolate. I made some but it was sticky!