Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hawaii 5-0

When I get a call for a man's 50th birthday cake with a tropical theme - this is what you get!

It's Hawaii 5-0 baby!

Cake is calypso coconut with pineapple rum buttercream filling - mmmmm yummy! Finished with blue fondant and freehand piped Hawaiian shirt design. Complete with a hand painted vintage postcard for the birthday plaque.

Cupcakes Never Looked Sexier!!!

What couldn't be more perfect for a stagette than Sex & The City cupcakes?!!

And what better way to represent that fabulous show, then to decorate each midnight chocolate cupcake with pink vanilla buttercream and edible black stilettos, lipsticks, lingerie and of course cosmopolitans?!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Passion for Fashion continued....

I just came across this blog which has pics of Jeanne Beker with her big birthday cake. Go to Toronto Street to see more.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Passion for Fashion!

It is L'Oreal Fashion Week here in Toronto ..... and Flour Confections was asked to take part!

Tonight Jeanne Beker - a Canadian fashion icon - steps onto the runway at the Diesel Kids fashion show to launch the new Jeanne B BRATZ TM Fashion Reporter doll along with the launch of her new book Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style. Today it also happens to be Jeanne Beker's birthday.

Flour Confections was commissioned to create a fabulous cake to help celebrate this event. Sitting over 31" tall, this 3 tier cake creation celebrates all things BRATZ TM and all things fashion. Highlights include a 24K gold studded logo, fashion silhouettes, custom hand-painted book and edible white chocolate leopard print ruffles.

Happy Birthday Jeanne & Congratulations!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Flour Confections has just been commissioned to create a fabulous cake for a special event & launch. I am honoured to be a part of such an exciting product!

Stay tuned for more details..........

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Special Offer from Platinum Events Group

A Special Announcement:

Flour Confections and Platinum Events Group special offer:

All clients who have booked a wedding cake with Flour Confections can receive 10% off any services booked with Platinum Events group, including: Month of Coordination, Full Wedding Planning, Partial Wedding Planning and Destination Wedding Planning.

"Platinum Events Group is at the forefront of Toronto’s elite wedding industry, providing full-scale event planning, coordination and consulting services. Whether you are hosting a private sunset wedding on the beach, an intimate mid afternoon brunch for 20 or a cocktail reception for 1000, we are fully confident in our ability to provide you with top notch services. As a client you inherit our creative and professional staff to design and plan every facet of your event so the end result is a seamless work of art."

Contact Platinum Events Group for to book your services today, and mention the Flour Confections promotion to receive your discount.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Icing On The Cake!

When sitting down to talk cake with your designer, it's good to know what's on your plate before you eat it! Here is the bride's guide to all things sweet: the most popular icings used on today's wedding cakes:

This is a sugar dough that is rolled out and applied over the cake, creating a matte smooth sugar canvass which allows your cake designer to create many wonderful designs. Fondant can be tinted any colour and flavoured with things such as vanilla bean or white chocolate. It is the ideal medium for many complicated cake designs and for cakes being displayed during the warm summer months. The fondant keeps the cake inside insulated and moist.

This is a sinfully rich icing that is made from chocolate (white, milk or dark) and heavy cream - just like the inside of a truffle. It can be shiny or matte and used as a filling or an exterior finish. Because it is so rich and dense, it is best not to pair it with a delicate cake.

Modeling Chocolate/CocoaDough/Chocolate Plastique/Chocolate Paste:
This is a mixture of chocolate (either white, milk or dark) and corn syrup which creates a wonderfully pliable substance that can be tinted many colours, used to make edible decorations and flowers, and even to cover cakes.

Royal Icing:
Traditionally used to finish fruit cakes, royal icing is a sugar icing made from egg whites and icing sugar. It is the ideal icing used for intricate piping and detailing, and can be used white or tinted to any colour needed. When dry, it is very firm and fragile.

American Buttercream/Frosting:
This is the traditional style icing that you would find in a grocery store bakery. It is a frosting made from icing sugar, shortening or sometimes butter, and sometimes a liquid such as milk or hot water. This icing is firm, very sweet, and holds up very well in hot weather if made with shortening. It is very white in colour and can be tinted to any colour you can imagine, it can also be flavoured with extracts or chocolate.

Meringue Buttercream:
A soft, satiny, luscious icing that can be used as both a filling and an exterior finish. The 2 most popular styles of this buttercream are Italian or Swiss. Both are made with egg whites, sugar, and unsalted butter, however the method of preparation differs between the two types. The flavour possibilities are endless, as are the colour choices. Due to the fact that this icing is made with butter, it is very firm when refrigerated and it does not hold up in extreme heat or sun, but is fine in air conditioned environments.

Gumpaste/Sugar Paste/Flower Paste:
This is a special sugar dough similar to fondant however it has the addition of additives that allow it to be more elastic and dry very firm. This is the ideal medium for making life-like flowers and other sugar decorations, it is not to be used to cover cakes.

This is a paste made from ground almonds and sugar. It is traditionally used to cover fruit cakes prior to being covered with royal icing. It is also used to mould flowers and small fruits.

Do your guests a favour

If you really want to do your guests a favour and have them be supremely happy - then give them an edible gift favour at your wedding or event.

Why not treat your guests to something sweet that ties in to the theme of your wedding or event, matches the monograms on your invitations, or acts as a place card?

Offered in vanilla, chocolate, gingerbread - or even custom flavours, decorated cookie favours are a sweet treat that everyone will love. Packing in clear cellophane bags tied with satin ribbon, Chinese take out boxes, or clear pvc boxes available.