Monday, April 11, 2011

It's not "Just Cake" with Marina Sousa

What an amazing 3 days with Marina Sousa of Just Cake! I'm sure all the students will agree, Marina showed us how it's not "just cake" - it's ART!

Our 2nd class was 2 days of sweet fun! Teaching us about structure, students created a "toppling tower of treats"!
Katarina & Ayoma having fun making sweets
mmmm doesn't that look yummy?? remember it's cake!

Josie having fun while building

Again no 2 cakes were alike as the students were encouraged to let their creativity flow. Some of my favourite "sweets" were the cannoli, licorice All Sorts and Nanaimo bars!

As always, students were treated to wonderful lunches and our signature cookies were on hand - but they never lasted long!!

And if that wasn't enough - we were all treated to a special screening of the first episode of LCS (aka Last Cake Standing)!!! Our interactive classroom has many perks - including a DVD player. Marina brought us a copy of the first episode for our viewing pleasure as it's not yet airing here on Food Network Canada. We all were able to watch the drama unfold - it was awesome!

Here Nina works away while Marina is on the "big screen"

Monja is working away adding details to her cake

All of the creations coming together - so fun!

A "sweet" line up!

Thank you Marina for joining us at Flour Confections for your Canadian teaching debut!

And the fun isn't over yet - our next celebrity guest class will be here before you know it - the talented Toba Garrett will be joining us at the end of May!

Sugar Beads, Sugar Bling, Sugar Cha-Ching!

We were honoured to host Marina Sousa of Just Cake for 3 days of sugar fun! Known for her wins on Food Network Challenge, her spectacular hanging sugar flower cake made for Oprah, and currently a competitor on Last Cake Standing - Marina Sousa was here to share her knowledge and introduce us to the art of sugar beads!

This class was all about sugar beads and "bling"! Students created a 4 tier cake and learned all about Marina's unique and ingenious bead moulds while working with isomalt. Students got creative with colours and designs - no 2 cakes were alike!

Aren't these blue sugar beads amazing looking? I love the colour!

I loved seeing all the colour combinations and configurations. From the classic black & white with a touch of colour, to a monochromatic yellow colour scheme, so many possibilities!

Marina assisting Jodi with attaching her beads

For those of you who were not able to make it to the class - we do have a limited few more bead moulds available for purchase. They will be available both in store and online.

Thank you Marina for such a great 1st class!