Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Sweet Summer!!!

If you are looking for something sweet for your kids to do this summer while you enjoy a short break, then be sure to check out our Sweet Summer Kids program!

We are offering 4 unique kids classes during the months of July & August. You can register for individual classes or all 4 - it's up to you! Classes are being offered for kids ages 7-12 and will be taking place on Mondays in July and Thursdays in August.

Class 1: The Science of Baking: The Ultimate Cookie Battle Ever wonder what makes a cookie thin & crispy or fat & chewy? Then join us and take part in this search for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe! You will learn the chemistry behind baking and how your ingredients will change your finished results. Children will learn how to properly measure and make a cookie recipe and will take home cookies to share with family & friends.

Class 2: Cupcake Collection In our 2nd class, children will bake both vanilla & chocolate cupcakes and learn fun ways to decorate their tasty creations. Each child will bring home 6 unique cupcakes to enjoy with family & friends.

Class 3: “C” is for Creative Cookies! During our 3rd class, children will learn how to make cut out sugar cookies. After making the cookies they will let their creative side take over and learn how to decorate their treats with a variety of different finishes. Each child will take home their creations.

Class 4: Summer Safari During our final session, children will be decorating a cake for the wild at heart! Their inner artists will be let free and they will be creating their own decorated safari themed cake complete with sugar animals!

Space is limited to 12 children maximum Parental waiver must be signed prior to child participating in class Please note Flour Confections is not an allergy free environment