Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're Movin On Up.....

Have you heard?

Flour Confections is moving!

We needed more room so we could offer much more in terms of fabulous products and fabulous classes! We secured a new location mid September- not far away, just around the corner in fact - and started renovations the following week, just before I left for Tulsa! My life has been a bit hectic!

The new location will feature a larger retail area and state of the art multi-media dedicated classroom!

Construction is almost done and now things are really going to get hectic as moving will start - all the while I have orders to fulfill!

Our current location will officially close on November 5th at 6pm and we will open at our new location on Tuesday November 9th at 10am!

As of November 9th 2010, we will be located at:

1084 Brock Road (Salk Road) Unit 5
401/Brock Court Plaza (just south of the 401 in the plaza with Sweets Galore & The Facial Place)
Pickering Ontario
phone 905-492-2692
fax 905-492-2692

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tulsa or Bust!

Tulsa or Bust!

Lately I have not sat still for any length of time. Between the business, wedding season, classes and so many other things, there just hasn't been the time.

At the end of September, I made my annual journey to Tulsa Oklahoma to attend and participate in the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show (OSSAS). This year not only did I complete a few entries for the Sugar Art Show also known as the Divisionals, but I also created an entry for the Grand Wedding Cake Competition as well as took part of the live lunchtime competition which was Crazy Cupcakes.

My journey started out on a rough note, not only had I come down with a bad cold and was trying to recover from that as well as work, but my friend, colleague and driving partner Karey suffered a terrible car accident as was unable to join me. She is now in recovery and is doing well.

Carol & Connie leading the way
Faced with the option of either not going or doing the 20hr drive alone, I was torn. Fortunately I have many amazing friends in the cake community and I was able to call upon them for help. My friends Carol & Connie were driving down from Michigan, and offered that we do a caravan so that I was not alone on the road. I left a day earlier than planned so that I could arrive at Carol's home and be ready for the following mornings journey. On Thursday morning, we all got on the road for our very long drive. We drove all day and into the evening, stopping just past St. Louis Missouri for the night. The following day we made the last leg of the drive, rested a bit and went to set up our entries. For the rest of the time in Tulsa, we were walking zombies - having fun but tired all the same!

Once the pressure of making "the delivery of your life" was over, we were all able to relax, socialize with our friends from all over the US, and enjoy fair food!! Anything fried on a stick!

no this is not all mine!! Here is an array of fair food including: deep fried chicken, deep fried cheese curds and deep fried pickles!

and if deep fried is not your thing, then how about cookie dough dipped in chocolate on a stick?

Every year at the show, there is always a live timed competition, this year I was asked to participate. The theme was Nursery Rhymes & Folk Tales and the medium was cupcakes. Along with Gary Silverthorn, Dawn Coffin-Parrot and Peggy Tucker, we had 1 hr 30 minutes to complete our cupcake displays. It was great fun to do and fun to see what everyone came up with. Although my finished piece didn't place, I had a great time competing! Congratulations to Dawn who won 1st place!

here are the completed cupcake displays - left to right: Gary Silverthorn, Dawn Coffin-Parrot, Me, Peggy Tucker

I always plan on entering more, but time and life get the better of me, and I take what I can. This year I entered 2 divisionals and the Grand Wedding Cake. My cookies took 1st place in the Masters division and my wedding cake entry earned a Bronze standing. The entries this year were amazing - I'm so honoured to have been recognized amongst such a group of talented artists!

My wedding entry entitled "High Society" was inspired by the main hall of the Pittock Mansion in Portland Oregon. The flowers were inspired from an amazing art nouveau candelabra that sits upon a table at the base of the grand staircase. Elements from the ironwork on the balustrade, the marble stairs, and detailed carvings completed the design. A big thank you to Suzanne for sewing my tablecloth - it was gorgeous! And thank you to James Rosselle for advice regarding the flowers.
My winning cookies were hand cut using a template, iced with flooded royal icing and details were added freehand in both royal icing and edible food paints. Inspired by Fairy Tale drawings of artist Scott Gustafson

Now you would think I could sit back and relax....but no....lots more going on - stay tuned!

In the meantime, I will try to take a few minutes to think about my entries for next year......