Monday, September 5, 2011

Cake Walk - Wedding Cake Edition Premiers THIS WEEK!

Hello all you Canadian Cake Fans!!! It's time to UNITE and CELEBRATE all things CANADIAN CAKE!

This week the Canadian Cake World is all a buzz as the premier episode of Cake Walk nears. What is Cake Walk you ask? Cake Walk will be making it's debut this Wednesday September 7th at 9pm on Slice Network - it is a timed cake competition in which 3 Canadian cake designers compete to create the winning cake for a one couple's dream wedding. Each week will feature a new couple, new designers and a new theme.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Be sure to TUNE IN Wednesday October 26th at 9pm to see ME assist Matt Somers as we make a "Spook-Tacular" cake! Will we win? Tune in to find out!

To view more about Cake Walk - you can watch the trailer on YouTube HERE

For more information about the show go to HERE including video clips HERE