Friday, October 17, 2008

Closed for vacation

Flour Confections will be closed for holidays from October 17th until October 26th. All emails and phone calls will be addressed upon my return.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweet Sites Down Under

I love cake as an art form. That is the reason why I started doing what I do...because I could express myself artistically.
I also love to view cake art at its best - so I'm constantly searching the web to find fabulous artists doing what they do best.
I thought it would be nice to highlight some of my favourites. Every now and again I will post the websites of some of my favourite cake artists from around the globe. You may notice that I keep saying "cake artists" versus "cake decorators"....the reason is simple - because this is an art form - these people take cake and turn it into an edible sculpture that is the highlight of any event. We don't see cake as "cake" - a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, etc...we see it as a blank canvas upon which we can express the desires and dreams of our clients. The cakes and the artists that I will be featuring are not ones that you would find at your local grocery store.
I hope you enjoy viewing these sites as much as I do.

For my first post in my section entitled Sweet Sites, I will be highlighting some of my favourites from Australia. The Aussies have a unique style which I adore! The lines are crisp, the workmanship is flawless, and they often express a sense of humour in the designs. I have become fortunate to become friends with many cake artists around the world, including some Aussies.

First off is Planet Cake When and if I can ever get to visit Australia, I will not miss out on a chance of visiting Planet Cake - their style and workmanship is above and beyond WOW! I love their signature Funky Couples and the Off Kilter style cakes are beyond amazing!

Next is Sweet Art Again a great sense of style and whimsy....their carved cakes and couture cakes are amazing, and I love their signature wrapped cakes.

Another favourite and a dear friend is Cakes By Francesca Fran does the most amazing sugar flowers, her workmanship is flawless, her designs are fabulous - so much so that she made such an impression on the folks of Planet Cake that she will soon be teaching with them!

And yet another favourite and dear friend is Natis Cakes Natis luscious cupcakes and mouth watering mud cake flavours are just some of the reasons why she's a favourite Down Under!

For amazing cupcakes look no further than Le Cupcake Amazing designs, custom made stands, fabulous photography - cupcakes at their finest!

Faye Cahill Cake Designs just makes your mouth water the moment you open the home page! Look at that cake!!! mmmmmm luscious! Go further and you'll see some very imaginative designs beautifully executed!

For beautifully done modern cakes with a twist, visit Cake Stories A gorgeous site - clean and stylish.