Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 more days!!!

10 more days until I'm to be in Tulsa Oklahoma for the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show! I will be competing again not only in the Sugar Art Show but this year I'm going to enter The Grand National Wedding Cake Competition!!! This is the wedding cake competition!
So needless to say I've been working away on my entries trying to get them all perfect before I'm scheduled to leave, not to mention I still have weddings as well.
For more information about the show visit the Oklahoma State Sugar Artists website.
I will be sure to post my entries and details about my experience when I return....wish me luck!


Jeanne @ AJ's Moonlight Bakery said...

That looks like a cool show. And from the looks of your cakes, I'm certain you'll do well. Good luck!

cakegrl said...

Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck!!!! Knock 'em dead Lisa!! And have fun too!