Saturday, February 19, 2011

Muppets & Monsters & Magic Oh My! Part 2

The following day Lauren was back to teach her newest installment to the series - Monsters 301! In this class students learned how to create an edible standing monster which would make a fabulous centerpiece to any party or cupcake display. Armed with a support structure, modeling chocolate and rice crispy treats, we all got to making our colourful army of monsters. Every one had their own take on the project - again the bright colours and expressions created by each student brought a smile to your face. With characters like Lauren & Karie along with all the monsters - you couldn't help but laugh all day long.

Each student station ready to go - complete with detailed handout and structure

The lovely Lauren Kitchens - isn't she cute??!!

Students having fun creating texture

Watching monsters come to life...

Karie - 'nuff said! LOL!

Not much longer now...

The finishing touches ...

Check 'em out guys!

Another AMAZING class with the talented & lovable Lauren Kitchens! Thank you again for joining us!

And yes I did make my own monster - here he is. His name is Fernando


Art said...

Felicidades por las hermosas Clases que imparten. Yo vivo en México y me es imposible viajar a tomar alguna de sus clases, por que no hacen un video y/o libro para poder realizar las hermosas figuras.

Saludos desde México!!.

Coco Cake Land said...

heehee! what an incredible class!

wish i could take part in these!

love your Fernando too, too hilarious...