Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's competition time!

This year I've decided to compete at the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show. Even though I'm still in the middle of wedding season, I thought why not?!
I had originally planned on 4 entries, but with time constraints and other commitments, I only taking 3. I'm entering in the following categories: tiered cakes, cookies&confections & special occasion cakes (my holiday cake will have to wait another year!). On Thursday I will embark with 2 other cake artists and a car full of competition cakes, on a long drive to Oklahoma.
This will not be my first competition, however it will be my first international one. And the competition is TOUGH! Some of the biggest names in the business are there with their fabulous creations - it's going to be a long weekend, but it's worth it!
For more information about the show, visit www.oksugarartshow.com
Wish me luck!
I will post again when I return.

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Kellycreations said...

Good luck Lisa, I can't wait to see your cakes and hear all about it.