Monday, August 30, 2010

3D Bulldog with Bronwen Weber

August has been a busy month - travel, cakes, classes - oh my!

The day after Bronwen's demo in support of the MS Society, we hosted 2 classes.

The first was a 3D carved bulldog complete with lessons on airbrushing techniques. Students watched in awe as Bronwen demonstrated how 3 half sheet cakes quickly became a cute bulldog perfect for any birthday! Bronwen is a natural teacher and has a way of making everyone at ease - those that were terrified to pick up the knife were quickly carving away without fear. It was amazing to watch all these dogs come to life!

getting ready to make the first cut

cake anyone??

One of the highlights of the class (besides our famous signature cookies!) was to see Bronwen in action doing what she does best. Using fondant and her hands, she quickly "pulled a face" on her dog - amazing to watch!

After all the dogs were covered with fondant, out came the airbrushes so that students could learn how to control the gun and ways of blending colour. Once confident, students started to give colour to their dogs.
learning how to airbrush

putting on the finishing touches

who let the dogs out??

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Petite Foury said...

woof, woof, woof, woof :-)))
I love how they turned out! Sooo real!