Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bronwen's BACK!

Last year as part of our celebrity guest series, we had the privilege of hosting 2 fabulous classes with Bronwen Weber. Well, she and Francois had such a fabulous time (as did we) that they wanted to make it an annual event!

And now it's that time of year again - Bronwen Weber is here!!! Today we hosted a special event for the ICES chapter of Ontario and for the MS Society of Canada. Bronwen & Francois graciously donated their time to do a demonstration with all proceeds going to the MS Society.

Today's demo: A carved dragon in 1 hour!

Using 2 1/2 sheets, some buttercream, fondant, a knife and an imagination - Bronwen took us through the process and how NOT to fear carving cake!

Attendees were in awe of how quickly a sheet of cake became a cute & creative dragon!

Bronwen demonstrates how you need VERY fancy tools to create details in your cake!

Now for a touch of colour...

A few more final details.....

TA - DA!! A fun loving dragon anyone would love to receive!

Thank you so much Bronwen & Francois for an amazing demonstration. Together we raised over $850 for the MS Society of Canada!

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