Thursday, October 20, 2011

Matt & Lisa Make A SPOOK-TACULAR Cake!!

Finally!!! The results have been revealed - Matt Somers of It's a Matter of Cake and Lisa Bugeja of Flour Confections were the dream team on last night's episode of Cake Walk - Wedding Cake Edition "Fright Night"!

Funny thing was this dream team was only created a week prior to the filming! Originally Matt had another assistant, however circumstances lead him to needing a replacement and fast! He called me up to see if I was available. Quickly glancing at my calendar and knowing he was in a bind, we made it work. That week we phoned, emailed, and texted back and forth working out the details - but we had never yet worked together in the kitchen! Matt came to my shop a few days before the filming so that we could prep and make sure we were both on the same page. Prep was fun and relaxed and we knew then we would have no problem working together.

The day of filming we walked onto the beautiful set ready to go - we had our game plan set, our tasks laid out and our design rocked! The 7 hours really flew by fast, but in the end we didn't miss a single element on our design and it looked exactly like the sketch! The win was pretty "sweet"!

Besides the amazing gravity defying structure (which was as tall as I am!), we made our own moulds, did isomalt flames lit with LED lights, gumpaste roses, gumpaste figures and a massive tree! The cake weighed quite a bit - and all the weight was on one side of the small base - so I made sure that Matt took that side during the move! LOL!

Here are some detail shots from the show.

The judges were ever so curious about our structure - all will be revealed in time....

Stacking went just as planned and BOOM we have a cake!

Despite the small base, super tall cake and the weight - we made the cake walk no problem!

Details details details - from the long stem gumpaste roses, to the burning isomalt flames, to the twisted tree - we had it all!

Thank you Matt for letting me be a part of this - it was awesome!

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Kellycreations said...

Congrats to the both of you awesome cake! It's a shame they didn't show all the details of the cake while there were being executed.