Friday, December 30, 2011

The Sweet Genius was here.....

Yes I know it's been a very long time since my last post - I can't believe that as of tomorrow this year will be coming to a close! Where did the year go? For that answer, please see my next post....

Last year we coordinated THE class of the year - a 3 day Master class on sugar flowers with Ron Ben-Israel! Ever since that class, students were anxiously awaiting his return. As I was enjoying my 2nd night in Florida on my family vacation, I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from the "Sweet Genius"! He had finally received his upcoming schedule for season 2 of the show and was able to commit to a class. We had ONE MONTH to coordinate a 3 day class on sugar orchids - but we knew our students would jump at the chance!

Ron's sugarpaste Cymbidium orchids
Ron's sugarpaste Dendrobium orchids

Students worked hard but had fun!

In late November, Ron escaped the Thanksgiving crowds of New York to join us again for another amazing class. Students were not disappointed as not only did we learn 5 varieties of sugar orchids, but we talked, ate very well, laughed, and even had a private viewing of one of the episodes from season 1 of Sweet Genius! Watching Ron on the big screen while he sat with us was surreal!

Our own private screening with the Sweet Genius!

Again our amazing multi-media classroom allows for amazing views of the Maestro's work!

Using cake dummies & completed flowers, Ron showed us how to create different cake designs

One of the complete cake designs

Season 2 of Sweet Genius will start production in the New Year and Season 1 of the show will begin on Food Network Canada on January 4th .... as for Ron's return, we will keep you posted ....

Thank you Ron for another fabulous 3 days!

And lastly a very fun treat - spot Ron!

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