Monday, November 12, 2012

The return of Lorraine McKay!

2012 has been a FULL year for guest classes at Flour Confections covering every subject possible!  We were thrilled to have the talented (and my good friend) Lorraine McKay of Scotland return for 2 2 day bride & groom figure modelling classes & a head & hands workshop.  Lorraine teaches her amazing caricatures around the globe and books up years in advance - we in fact scheduled this class at the end of her last visit!
Anyone who knows Lorraine, knows she has an amazing sense of humour, a fabulous accent, a love for Maltesers and all things "Queen"!

Here are some highlights from her visit.

 It's a well known fact that Lorraine hates her picture taken whilst wearing her reading glasses!

 Detailing is key!

 Students hard at work

 The camera & TV allows for perfect viewing for all

 One of the options for design in our first 2 day bride & groom class

 Small class sizes allow for perfect learning

 Again the camera missing nothing!

 Here you can see Lorraine at her best!

 Amazing projects underway!

 Love ya Lorraine!

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