Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to get Swanky!

In the summer of 2012 we welcomed some new faces to Flour Confections - Wayne Steinkopf & Chuck Hamilton of Swank Cake Design.  Wayne is known for his beautifully clean designs and methodical approach and students were chomping at the bit to join in on these classes!  Wayne & Chuck brought their fabulous sugar shoe class and the amazing sugar jewelry class.  Not only did the students have the privilege of learning from this Swanky duo, but they walked home with TONS of goodies - including everything they needed to recreate the sugar shoe over and over again!  We cannot wait for the return of the Swank Boys!

Here are some highlights from our classes

 Class began with a full demonstration by Chuck on how to properly cook isomalt for making sugar jewels

 Next Wayne guided students on creating amazing sugar jewels & brooches - here the overhead camera really came in handy to show all the details - and students got to keep the moulds!

Susan working along making sugar jewelry 

Next up - the fabulous sugar shoe!

 Wayne was there every step of the way

 Kathi about to make the "stressful" cut!

 Putting on the final details

 And of course we are always having fun!

Talk about a sweet runway!

 Thank you to all our students and of course to Wayne & Chuck for a Swanky good time!  Until next time.....

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